Situated Support for Learning: Storm's Weekend with Rachael

While much attention has been paid to the content of support for learning, less attention has been given to its context. This paper introduces the notion of "situated support", and argues that the identity of the source of support and the connectedness of that support to other elements of the learning environment are of primary importance. MOOSE Crossing is a text-based virtual reality environment (or "MUD") designed to be a constructionist learning environment for children eight to thirteen years of age. A microanalysis is presented of the situated nature of support for learning on MOOSE Crossing over the course of one weekend where a twelve-year-old girl learned to write simple computer programs.


Amy Bruckman


Bruckman, Amy (2000). "Situated Support for Learning: Storm's Weekend with Rachael." Journal of the Learning Sciences 9(3), 329-372.


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