Uneven Achievement in a Constructionist Learning Environment

MOOSE Crossing is a text-based virtual reality environment (or "MUD") designed to be a constructionist learning environment for children ages 8 to 12. We performed a portfolio-style assessment of children's programming accomplishments in this environment. Analysis of the data reveals uneven levels of achievement-some children accomplish a great deal but the majority learn little. We believe this to be a typical problem in self-motivated learning environments. We conclude by describing a new "merit badge" system we are currently implementing to help alleviate unevenness in children's achievement.


Amy Bruckman , Elizabeth Edwards , Jason Elliott , Carlos Jensen


Bruckman, Amy, Elizabeth Edwards, Jason Elliott, and Carlos Jensen (2000). "Uneven Achievement in a Constructionist Learning Environment." Proceedings of ICLS 2000. Ann Arbor, MI, June 2000. (36% acceptance rate.)


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