The Electronic Scrapbook : Towards an Intelligent Home-Video Editing System

How many people's home videos remain unedited and unwatched? Home video is a growing cultural phenomenon; however, few consumers have the time, equipment, and skills needed to edit their work. The Electronic Scrapbook is an environment designed to encourage people to use home video as a creative medium. The system and the user collaborate to create home-video stories. This work addresses issues of knowledge representation and interface design. Semantic knowledge representation is evaluated as a way to represent information about complex, temporal media. A modified form of case-based reasoning, "knowledge-based templates," is used to explore what a computational model of a home-video story might be.


Amy S. Bruckman


Bruckman, Amy (1991). "The Electronic Scrapbook: Towards an Intelligent Home-Video Editing System." Master's Thesis, MIT Media Lab. Advisor: Glorianna Davenport.


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