Different Achievement in Online Oral History

The Internet has made it possible to incorporate adult mentors in the classroom in ways that it would have been difficult or impossible to do previously. As we move forward with such projects, it is important for us to consider what these adults contribute to the learning process. Palaver Tree Online is an online community that supports kids interviewing elders to build up a shared database of oral history. In this paper, we give a brief overview of two case studies of kids in Palaver Tree. In addition, we propose a new role for adults in aiding students having difficulty.


Jason B. Ellis , Amy S. Bruckman


Ellis, Jason B. and Amy S. Bruckman (2002). "Different Achievement in Online Oral History." Short talk, Proceedings of CSCL 2002, Boulder, CO, January 2002. Long version, "What Do Kids Learn from Adults Online? Examining Student-Elder Discourse in Palaver Tree," in electronic proceedings. (53% overall paper acceptance rate.)


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