Managing Deviant Behavior in Online Communities

Wherever groups of people gather, norms for appropriate behavior emerge, and some people chose to violate those norms. What is an exercise of free speech to one person, to another is disruptive, harassing, racist, or worse. For groups that communicate online, a range of technical and social mechanisms are available to help create a climate conducive to meeting the group's stated mission. How do designers of online systems decide what kind of conduct is acceptable? How are these expectations communicated to members? How can designers help prevent and manage deviant behavior? What are the implications of corporate control of content for ideals of free expression? This panel brings together experts from media theory, computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and online entertainment to explore current issues in this complex research area.


Amy Bruckman , Catalina Danis , Cliff Lampe , Janet Sternberg , Chris Waldron


Bruckman, Amy (organizer) (2006). Panelists: Catalina Danis (IBM Research), Cliff Lampe (Michigan State University), Janet Sternberg (Fordham University), and Chris Waldron (Cartoon Network New Media). "Managing Deviant Behavior in Online Communities." Panel, CHI 2006. Extended Abstracts, Proceedings of CHI 2006, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 2006.