This page contains footage from motion pictures that are copyrighted and were processed using the prototype of a system for motion blurring stop motion animation. We have obtained permission from the copyright holders to use these clips for THIS PARTICULAR research project and only in the context of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2001 Conference. All rights are still held by the respective studios and artists.



All movies are Mpeg-1 compressed.


"Ground_Truth_Basketball" (1.2Mb)

one of two cameras at different shutter speeds is mimicked with our system


"Swing" (18.2Mb)

very large motions; only looks good when playing

from Chicken Run DreamWorks, Pathe, and Aardman


"Trike_Backing_Up" (8.8Mb)

using only every 5th frame ( intermediate frames work also) to make it look faster than real

from Chicken Run DreamWorks, Pathe, and Aardman


"UrbanTarzan" (10Mb)

has some blur already at the end of the sequence this gets accentuated

from PJs Episode: The Last Affirmative Action Hero Will Vinton Studios