Visualization 2003 Papers Submission

Welcome to the guidelines page for submitting papers to IEEE Visualization 2003. The quality of the conference depends on the high quality of the submissions, so we hope that you will submit your best visualization research to this conference. Please carefully read the paper submission instructions given below so that you can successfully submit your paper by the appropriate date. The information below is for research papers only, and you should return to the submissions page for information about submitting panels, applications papers (formerly "case studies"), tutorials and posters.

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Paper Submission Procedure

Papers submissions for IEEE Visualization 2003 are being handled by the EDAS conference management system. Note that ALL papers must be submitted electronically. Here are the steps you need to carry out for on-line paper submission:
  1. Make sure your Web browser is accepting cookies while using EDAS.

  2. Create your own EDAS account at the account creation page. After filling out the forms, click the "New User" button at the bottom. Your password will be e-mailed to you. All information that you enter in creating your account will be kept confidential and only used for contact purposes for this conference.

  3. Once you have created an account, go to the EDAS page for our conference. Note that you can sign in using either your last name or your e-mail address.

  4. After signing in, you will see a bar that has an icon for our conference, its title and start and end submission dates. To get ready to submit a paper, click on the "Visualization 2003" bar in the Submissions and management column. You should NOT click on the Vis 2003 icon on the left, since this will take you to the conference's home Web site, not to the submission site.

  5. Click on the "submit paper" icon. This will take you to the paper submission form. Be sure to read all instructions there carefully. Fill out all the needed parts of the form, and then click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

    Please submit an informative abstract for your paper, and be sure to check one or more of the topic areas listed at the bottom of the form that best decribe your paper. The abstract and topic areas are important since they will be used to help assign senior reviewers for your paper. Your paper registration (including abstract) must be done by March 31, 2003.

  6. Submit your full paper by April 10, 2003. You may submit your paper immediately upon registering it by following the instructions you are taken to after you have registered your paper. As an alternative, you may instead submit your paper at a later date using the instructions that will be e-mailed to the correspondence author. Papers must be in PDF format, and may be no more than 5 Mbytes in size.

  7. (Optional) In addition to the PDF of your paper, you may also submit one video file that demonstrates your research. We strongly recommend that you use one of the following video formats: Quicktime, AVI, MPEG-1. These are the formats that are playable on most platforms. Your video file may be up to 50 Mbytes in length. We recommend using the FTP upload facility: go to your profile, find your paper listing, and note the 10-digit number listed there under "filename". Upload your video file to the FTP server, calling it by that exact 10-digit name. The system will recognize the type of the file (Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, etc.) and will place it with your paper's materials. You will then get e-mail confirmation of the FTP upload -- this sometimes takes a few minutes.

Please send any questions that you have about the paper submission process to
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