The Third International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS-98)
December 16-19, 1998
Georgia Tech, Atlanta

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Sponsored by The EduTech Institute and AACE.

The field of the Learning Sciences is concerned with educational research from the dual perspectives of human cognition and computing techonologies, and the application of this research in three integrated areas:

Investigations in the Learning Sciences approach these issues from an interdisciplinary stance combining the traditional disciplines of computer science, cognitive science, and education.

The Third International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS-98) will bring together experts from academia, research labs, and industry to discuss problems and issues regarding promoting learning in real-world situations. Insights into these problems will relate recent advances in our understanding of human learning and technological innovations in computing and related disciplines to the challenges posed by the real-world settings where learning occurs. Examples of new applications and pedagogical frameworks discussed in past conferences include (applications) modeling and visualization tools for K-12 education, indexed multimedia databases for community outreach, collaboration tools for diverse users and settings, and complex simulation environments for corporate training, and (pedagogies) learning from design, problem-based learning, project-based learning, goal-based scenerios, and cognitive apprenticeship.

Of particular interest this year are issues pertaining to the learning of knowledge and skills necessary for real-world problem-solving: reasoning skills, communication skills, design skills, explanation skills, debugging skills. To promote learning, one must do more than place a computer system in an artificial setting; one must design an effective, natural environment that provides the cognitive challenges, social context, and scaffolding necessary to learn both facts and skills in a manner that extends naturally to "learning in the wild".

The goal of this conference is to bring together a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, developers, and users in order to obtain a deeper understanding of cognitive, social, and practical issues underlying effective education and to share insights into the design of the next generation of educational environments. Individuals are invited to share their expertise in cognitive science, cognitive psychology, education, training, multimedia, and artificial intelligence and offer (and gain!) perspectives and insights into these problems.

The conference will be hosted by the College of Computing of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, home of the Civil Rights movement, the 1996 Olympics, and the Dogwood Festival. The main program will be held in the GCATT building over four days from Wednesday, December 16th, to Saturday, December 19th, featuring plenary addresses by invited speakers, technical paper and poster sessions, a demonstration session, and a banquet. The main program will be preceded by a doctorial consortium and specialized workshops on Tuesday, December 15th, and Wednesday, December 16th.



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