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Welcome to the AR Façade Website!

AR Façade is an augmented reality version of the acclaimed desktop-based interactive drama, Façade. Few entertainment experiences combine interactive virtual characters, non-linear narrative, and unconstrained embodied interaction. In AR Façade players move through a physical apartment and use gestures and speech to interact with two autonomous characters, Trip and Grace. Our experience converting a desktop based game to augmented reality sheds light on the design challenges of developing mixed physical/virtual AI-based drama and serves as a research instrument to emperically study the relationship between presence and engagement.

Steven Dow, PhD Student a
Manish Mehta, PhD Student a
Annie Lausier, MS Student b
Ellie Harmon, MS Student a
Blair MacIntyre, Associate Professor a
Michael Mateas, Assistant Professor c
a GVU Center; School of Interactive Computing; Georgia Tech
b GVU Center; School of Literature, Communication and Culture; Georgia Tech
c Computer Science Department; University of California, Santa Cruz