Anthony Francis is a Ph.D. candidate in Artificial Intelligence at the College of Computing of the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his B.S. in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 1991, and his M.S. in 1995. His thesis research explores agent architectures for real world environments, focusing on memory and the utility problem. His thesis advisor is Ashwin Ram. He expects to complete his Ph.D. in early 1999.

His active research areas include:
memory case-based reasoning agent architectures
emotion robotics cognitive science
problem solving believable agents internet agents
His other research interests include: natural language understanding, distributed artificial intelligence, animal cognition, and the intersection of AI and cognitive science with other areas, such as semiotics and history. He also has an active interest in an area often called future computing, with a focus on alternate input devices and novel mobile computer configurations.

In the past, he has taught CS3361: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence; classnotes are available on request.

He is also a professional science fiction writer.

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The Nicole Project    Animal Cognition

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