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Personal Pages of Interest

Science Fiction and other Outside Interests
Symposium on Animal Cognition.
The EduTech Institute
The Cognitive Science Page

Interesting People on the Net

Donna Barr
Kitiara's Palace
William Morse
Elf Sternberg

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Press Releases
Star Trek: Generations Page
unofficial Xanth page:Feb-10-95(v3.1)
Fantasy Links Feb 23 1995
FTP Sites Maintained By sauron@wpi.edu
The Lysator Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Furry List:Fanzines, Etc. A-L
Some Major Mythology Related Works


Descent into Doom
A Hypertext Guide to FurryMUCK


Art Gates
Press Release: Stinz
ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
unci's list of active artists
Art Cellar Exchange Classified Ads
[alt.fan.furry] Incomplete Listing of Zoomorphic Publications


Tangerine Dream Frequently Asked Questions
Tangerine Dream Home Page
It's a Tyranny of Beauty
Miramar - Preferred Customer Form


Texts in Perseus For Downloading


Horse Country

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