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AI Ph.D. Student Stinz and Andri

Donna Barr

is responsible for this excellent drawing of a centaur and his son, perhaps one of the best modern pictures of a centaur anywhere. The picture, which served as the front cover of the first issue of the comic The Dreamery, depicts the centaur Stinz's triumphant reunion with his colt Andri, who had been lost in the snow. The picture was scanned and slightly retouched before being reduced to the postcard-sized clip you see here. Donna of course retains the copyright to this picture, so please don't copy or distribute it.

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AI Ph.D. Student Mythological Anatomy

Charles A. Stigliano

did this most excellent centaur skeleton for a t-shirt series called Mythological Anatomy. I scanned the T-shirt, turned it into blueprint colors and added little text bits (invisible in the postcard size) which are in-jokes for my (as yet unpublished, gripe, gripe) novel homo centauris. As always, the artist retains the copyright to his work, so don't copy or otherwise disseminate it; buy a T-shirt from the man instead.

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AI Ph.D. Student The Eureka!

Anthony G. Francis, Jr.

drew this image of the System Monitor Eureka in front of the planet Dresan. Since the Eureka and Dresan are central to much of my science fiction, it seemed appropriate to dig this image up and use it for the Science Fiction page. The copyright for this piece belongs to me; if you want it, send me a message at and I may let you use it.

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AI Ph.D. Student

The Dusk Voyager

Anthony G. Francis, Jr.

rendered this image of the research vessel Dusk Voyager in front of a blueprint wireframe of the ship. Since this vessel appears in several first contact stories, it appeared appropriate for my contact page. The copyright for this piece belongs to me; if you want it, send me a message at and I may let you use it.

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AI Ph.D. Student Untitled

A 19th-Century Artist

drew this image of a centaur firing a bow. You can find this image at:

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