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Welcome to the home page for the Georgia Tech portion of the DARPA Tactical Mobile Robotics (TMR) Program.

Take a look at What's New in our web.  This is one of many areas within the Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Laboratory web.

What's New

April 27, 2001

Significant update of the project documents. 

February 3, 2001

The videos section has been updated with some footage of the TMR demo at Maryland, October 2000. 

June 8, 2000

A publication to be presented at AUVSI describing Ft. Sam experiments
Presentation from 6th Quarterly IPR

February 16, 2000

A publication from Honeywell concerning real-time efforts
Presentation from 5th Quarterly IPR
Document describing Urban Robot Usage
Video of our latest demo at Ft. Sam Houston

August 20, 1999

Many small changes made over the preceding months have been tidied up, and a lot of new content is provided.  Some of the highlights include:

A new conference paper and other project documents, including IPR presentations and papers that had been removed to save disk space
A revamped archive section that is better organized and includes a link to previously hidden graphics of the Fort Sam Houston demo site
The newest TMR logo (above)
More pictures of our bots, including the new Urbie

November 2, 1998

Online demonstrations (your computer must be an X server)

October 22, 1998

Photographs of TMR robots and GT Hummer
Subsystems Specification and other project documents
Team member information

August 19, 1998

PDF files of published papers available
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