Mobile Robot Laboratory Research Projects

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Project Director

Dr. Dan Schrage.

Co-Principal Investigators in Mobile Robot Lab

Dr. Ronald C. Arkin.
Dr. Steve Dickerson.
Dr. George Vachtsevanos.

ASRT: Autonomous Scout Rotorcraft Testbed (funded by U.S. Army)

An autonomous helicopter with the ability to track a moving person-sized object has been developed. Integrated Product and Process design (IPPD) techniques were deployed for this system. This large scale joint project with other units at Georgia Tech had the Mobile Robot Laboratory personnel responsible for the mission equipment package, which consists of visual designation and tracking systems. The tracking package was demonstrated in the Summer of 1996.

GTAR: Partially funded by an NSF SUCCEED Grant

As part of an effort to introduce concurrent engineering practices into the curriculum at Georgia Tech, a project centered on constructing an autonomous helicopter has been undertaken. This project is carried out in conjunction with a competition held annually on the Georgia Tech campus by the Association of Unmanned Vehicles Society. The research in our laboratory centers on the mission planning and machine vision components for our autonomous helicopter. Systems integration is a central issue in this effort as the project spans many disciplines including computer science, and aeronautical, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.
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AUVS Competition

Check the World Wide Web server for the Association of Unmmaned Vehicle Systems for additional information.