Mobile Robot Laboratory Research Projects

Ecological Robotics: A Schema-theoretic Approach

Principal Investigators

Dr. Ronald C. Arkin (U.S.)
Dr. Francisco Cervantes-Perez (ITAM - Mexico).
Dr. Alfredo Weizenfeld ((ITAM - Mexico).


National Science Foundation and CONACyT.


A major goal of this research is to develop an in-depth scientific understanding of the nature of the relationship between mobile robotic agents and their environment. Little emphasis to date has been placed on this ecological approach within mobile robotics research and it is our intent to introduce well-established modeling tools to account for various and multiple environmental processes.

An in-depth understanding and dynamic modeling of the relationship a robot has with its environment (i.e., the overall ecology) is important to ensure that fielded robotic systems are:

Not competing with other agents that can do the task more effectively and hence prove themselves useless;

Successful competitors within the ecological system and can potentially displace less efficient agents;

Ecologically sensitive so that agent-environmental system dynamics are well-modeled and as predictable as possible whenever new robotic technology is introduced.