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An Ethical Basis for Autonomous System Deployment (ARO)

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This research addresses the ethical dimensions of robotic weaponry and involves the generation of "an artificial conscience" for an intelligent autonomous robotic agent. By applying limits and constraints on a robot's actions as required by the bounds of existing ethical decision-making protocols (e.g., the Geneva Convention, rules of engagement, and other ethical and military requirements). In particular, this research investigates the ethical application of lethal force by weaponized robotic systems from an architectural perspective as well as from the perspective of operator-robot interaction.

  • An Ethical Adaptor: Behavioral Modification Derived from Moral Emotions
  • Accountable Autonomous Agents: The next level
  • Ethical Robots in Warfare
  • An Ethical Governor for Constraining Lethal Action in an Autonomous System
  • Responsibility and Lethality for Unmanned Systems: Ethical Pre-mission Responsibility Advisement
  • Lethality and Autonomous Systems: The Roboticist Demographic
  • Lethality and Autonomous Systems: Survey Design and Results
  • Governing Lethal Behavior: Embedding Ethics in a Hybrid Deliberative/Reactive Robot Architecture
  • Lethality and Autonomous Robots: An Ethical Stance
  • On the Ethical Quandaries of a Practicing Roboticist: A first-hand look

    • We are using MissionLab for our research. MissionLab takes high-level plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robots. MissionLab supports execution of multiple robots both in simulation and hardware platforms.

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    Overview | People | Publications | Software | Multimedia | Links